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Friday, Sep 11, 2020
Never Forget!
Getting ready for fall and the coming ski season.
The Birch Ridge Inn on a sunny late summer day in Killington

The Birch Ridge Inn on a sunny late summer day in Killington

The Birch Ridge Inn on a sunny late summer day in Killington

The Birch Ridge Inn on a sunny late summer day in Killington

Before making any other comments... we must never forget this day and all the innocents that perished. May they rest in peace. May we all remember their sacrifice. May we come together as a country without once again experiencing or witnessing the unspeakable horror that occurred in 2001 on this day.

Suffice to say, in the midst of a global pandemic, it has been a strange summer at Killington. At the inn, we have been spending a huge amount of time, and money, refininging our processes to keep our employees and guests safe. We will be talking about this more, in much more detail, as we head into the fall season.

With Labor Day come and gone, the area is moving into late summer mode. Temperatures are decidely getting cooler. I have noticed the furnace coming on every night for the last few weeks. Early trees are just starting the process of showing color, but as you can see from todays picture of the inn Mary's flower gardens are still in full bloom.

In a sure sign that ski season is approaching, the Killington Resort has started to release information about the upcoming season. For those who have been enjoying the summer and not paying much attention to the mountains, the World Cup race that has occurred Thanksgiving weekend for the last few years has been cancelled due to the impact of Covid-19. There will be a lot of changes occurring at the resort this winter. Killington and Pico General Manager Mike Solimano published a first look at how the resort will approach the season. Read it online on the Killington Resort Website. The key takeaway from Mike's letter is that the resort is planning to start the 2019-2020 ski season on November 14th with top to bottom skiing and riding. it is a good read, but undoubtedly it is the first of may communications we will be receiving from the resort about the upcoming season.

At the Birch Ridge Inn, we are accepting lodging reservation directly and through our online partners for dates in the fall. Our restaurant is operating, with very limted seating, for indoor dining through high tops spread along the periphery of the Great Room. This weekend's menu is available on the inn's website : birchridge.com. Reservations are only being accepted online or via phone at 800.435.8566 or 802.422.4293. In addition to dine-in services, we are also offering our complete menu, including beverages, for Take_Out.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, wear a facial covering, and wash your hands. It is all that simple, and it will help all of us stay healthy..and allow us to have a ski season in the mountains once again this year.

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