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Progression of snow at the Birch Ridge Inn Snow stake over the last week.

Progression of snow at the Birch Ridge Inn Snow stake over the last week. 

From rock hard scrabble..... to billowy soft powder. Mother Nature has given Killington a a gift over the last week.

it has been an up and down snow season at Killington. We were blessed with decent snow early season and throught the Christmas holidays. Then we had brutal temperature swings including one 36 hour period where temperatures changed 80 Degrees F. Warm temperatures saw r@!n. Cold temperatures created the firmest of hard pack. But Killington kept going.

This week we have seen the "winter" side of Mother Nature. Over 16 inches of new fluffy white powder has fallen at the snow stake at the inn over the last 7 days. More has fallen on the mountain due to higher altitude. And smiles are all over the place.

Birch Ridge Inn covered with new snow.  Taken February 8, 2018
Birch Ridge Inn covered with new snow. Taken February 8, 2018

Skiing today was without question the best of the season. The hard pack of last week has been replaced with super soft snow underfoot. Ungroomed trails have pillows of powder in unskied areas and soft bumps every where else. Groomed trails are super soft with small "skier traffic" created bumps appearing as the day wears on.

To top it all off, the Killington Resort was also making snow on many trails all over the mountain this morning. From Showshed, to Highline, to Superstar, the resort was adding to the base that Mother Nature had provided. Assuming we escape near term freeze thaw cycles, we should have several great weeks of skiing and riding at Killington on soft powder in store over the Valentines Day / Presidents Day periods.

If you are coming to Killington this weekend, you are blessed. Prepare to ski long and hard because conditions are just plain fun. If you can't make it to Killington, it's time to get in gear and plan a trip. Conditions are the best of the season and should not be missed.

Wherever you may be, get out and play!.... Think Snow!

Snowmaking in progress on Killington Peak

Snowmaking in progress on Killington Peak 

It has been a wild January.

At Killington, we have seen temperature swings approaching 90 degrees in a 48 hour window. Early in the month the area more resembled the North Pole with night time temperatures approaching 30 below zero F. During that period it was so cold that it was basically snowing all the time, as the cold temperatures were squeezing every last drop of moisture out of the atmosphere.

Lately, we have seen more of a temperature yo-yo. Some days it seems like Killington is actually near Atlanta Georgia with temperatures aproaching 50 F. Other days it is back down in the deep freeze with daytime temperatures in the single digits and night time temperatures approaching -10F. We did get unlucky during one of the warm spells and caught a r@!n storm which stripped away a foot of natural snow around the inn (and on the mountain). But that storm was followed by several very cold days, solidifying the remaining base to create a very resilient surface for the resort to work with. And work they have.

Snow making operations taking place around the Killington Resort  Taken January 26, 2018
Snow making operations taking place around the Killington Resort Taken January 26, 2018

A combination of items have allowed the Killington Resort to continue to improve overall conditions. First and foremost, the base that they built during the period around the World Cup races in late November is exceptionally deep. In addition to their past efforts, as todays pictures witness, the resort is not sitting idle. Snow making has continued around the clock when weather condition have allowed. Virtually every trail with snow making on it (meaning basically every trail) has experienced a surface refresh over the last week. Last weekend, we witnessed huge snowmaking efforts on all of the black and double black diamond terrain. This week we are seeing it across the resort, with renewed efforts along blue and green trails. While I can not say it is part of the resort's strategy, as we are not involved in it, I can say what we have witnessed. And the snow making team is working hard.

This week we have been out on the mountain several days, as is normal. Many days this season have been difficult picture days, due to weather conditions. From camera freeze-ups on below zero days to heavy fog on above freezing days, taking pictures this year has been interesting. That being said, the conditions we have been experiencing overall are a testament to the hard work of the resort team. Yesterday, for instance, we took a top to bottom run down Skylark. By all rights, we were expecting to be skating down lower Skylark, which we have done many times in the past. What we found was a firm but well groomed surface. Because of all of the World Cup snowmaking, the resort was able to allow the grooming machings to go deep to break up the hard pack surface created by earlier week above freezing conditions. Words do not properly explain it, but overall the surface was impressive.

Please remember, this is the east coast. Overall conditions are firm, flat, and fast on machine groomed granular. We joke with our friends out west who continually confuse east coast conditions with ice. The basic rule to remember about ice is that it only found in two places.....in your cocktail glass apres skiing; or in those locations where there is fish underneath it. (Ok... I will give you some untreated parking lots as well.)

If you are coming to Killington this weekend, you should find well groomed ski surfaces with moderating temperatures. It looks like the storm the Weather Channel has been busy hyping all week will go to the south of us, leaving us in sunshine and mild temperatures most of the weekend. Snow showers are predicted to follow on Monday, but then again that is a Weather Channel prediction.

Wherever you may be.... Think Snow!

Introducing Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye

Introducing Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye 

Join us at the Birch Ridge Inn this evening as we sample Jack Daniel's newest spirit available in Vermont : Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye.

Introduced nationwide at the end of 2017, the spirit has has made it through the Vermont State Liqour system. The first case was delivered late yesterday to our local state store. With a long history of working with the folks at Jack Daniels, we wound up with one of the first bottles in our posession early this morning.

Caitlin from Horizon Beverage will be on hand tonight as we crack open the bottle for sampling. Merisa will be behind the bar mixing up her signature cocktails to go with the new Rye.

The sampling will begin around 5:30. If you are in Killington, stop in and try out Jack's newest offering. But no matter where you may be ---> "Think Snow" <---

Merry Christmas from the snow covered Birch Ridge Inn at Killington

Merry Christmas from the snow covered Birch Ridge Inn at Killington 

The holiday season is upon us in earnest in Killington. Guests from all over the world are streaming into the area to celebrate the end of the year holidays. Several heavy snow storms in the last couple of days have preceded the guests, assuring that the slopes of Killington will be 100% open for the holiday season.

In addition to skiing and riding at Killington, the holidays are also about family and friends. For many years, we have celebrated the holidays by getting our friends together to cut down and decorate Christmas trees, both at the inn, at in several of our neighbors homes in the area. These are just a few for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Birch Ridge Inn Christmas Tree
2017 Birch Ridge Inn Christmas Tree
L-R : Peter, Ellen, Sherry, Ed, Mary, Bill

The Smiths Christmas Tree
The Smith's Christmas Tree
Back L-R : Peter, Bill
Front L-R: Ed, Ellen, Mary, Sherry

The Albert's Christmas Tree
The Albert's Christmas Tree
Back L-R : Peter, Ellen, Mary, Bill
Front L-R: Ed, Sherry, Santa's guard dog

To all of our family, friends, and guests, we hope that your holiday season brings you great joy and that you enter the new year with health and happiness.

Let It Snow!

Looks like a new Christmas present opportunity! ---> \


Be the Herb!
Embrace the Herb!

Looks like a new Christmas present opportunity!

---> "Think Snow" <---

4 inches of snow fell at the snow stake at the Birch Ridge Inn today.

4 inches of snow fell at the snow stake at the Birch Ridge Inn today. 

There is no doubt about it.... Winter has finally arrived in Killington.

At this inn over the last 18 hours, 4 inches of snow has fallen at the snow stake. While if you look at the snow stake gallery you will see that we have had the ground covered with snow earlier this season, todays storm is the first one with any significance. While it was not enough for me to take out my snowblower for it's inaurgural run this winter, it was enough for our plow service to come and plow the parking lot. Progress towards winter at last.

The weather forecast for the Killington region calls for snow to fall most days this week. Some days it might be flurries. Other days it might be more significant (I don't want to jinx it.) Combined with the all out assault the resort has been pursuing with snow making, I would expect that the open trail count will escalate sharply as we head into the Christmas vacation period.

If you are inn Killington, stop in and say hello and enter the tree contast. But no matter where you may be ---> "Think Snow" <---

Sharing Teddy

Sharing Teddy 

I was walking around the inn yesterday and I saw Teddy. I did not think much of the cute little fellow.... Mary is pulling out all sorts of items from storage to decorate all the nooks and crannies of the Inn for the holidays. But Teddy caught my eye so I started to take some pictures.

I asked Mary about where Teddy was going and she told me that Teddy was going to new home. We don't have children living at the inn. My kids are now middle aged adults(sorry kids!). But Teddy deserves to be in a home where a small child can enjoy his company. And Mary found just the place.

Unbeknown to me, but known by Mary, the 3rd grade class at the Killington Elementary School runs a Holiday Store at the school. People donate small items to the school that the children can sell to other students for under a dollar to give as gifts to their friends and family. Teddy is just perfect for some young child to give to another child for Christmas this year.

The store is run by the 3rd grade students on December 20th and 21st at the Killington Elementary School on Schoolhouse Road in Killington. If you have a small item that could use a new home, the school is accepting donations during school hours through Wednesday December 13th.

Good luck Teddy as you head off to a new home. May you bring joy in the eyes of a child this Christmas season.

If you are in Killington this weekend, stop bye the inn and say hello. But no matter where you may be ---> "Think Snow" <---

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