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Saturday, Sep 26, 2020
Foliage colors popping all around Killington
Old growth tree behind the inn in full color

Old growth tree behind the inn in full color

Old growth tree behind the inn in full color

Old growth tree behind the inn in full color

The change is taking place...

Neither global warming, nor a global pandemic can stop it.

Mother Nature always wins!

All around the Birch Ridge Inn, and in Killington, fall foliage has popped over the last 5 days. Several night with mild frost conditions, combined with the last 2 weeks of reduced sunshine due to the ash clouds from fires out west, have coaxed the trees to turn in their summer jackets for their fall finery.

Color is very pronounced around Killington Peak and in the Killington Basin area. Colors are more muted for slopes facing westward, as they are still catching more sunshine during the day. Overall, the colors are setting up to be fabulous for the next few of weeks in and around Killington.

At the Birch Ridge Inn, we are accepting lodging reservation directly and through our online partners for dates in the fall. The State of Vermont has lightened the Covid-19 regulations for hotels, now allowing 100% occupancy. Our restaurant is operating, limited to seating 17 people due to Covid-19 regulations, for indoor dining through high tops spread along the periphery of the Great Room. This weekend's menu is available on the inn's website : birchridge.com. Reservations are being accepted online or via phone at 800.435.8566 or 802.422.4293. In addition to dine-in services, we are also offering our complete menu, including beverages, for Take_Out.

In the mean time, plan a trip to Vermont to see the fall colors. Whether it's an overnight stay, or a one day drive by, you will not be disappointed. Stay safe, practice social distancing, wear a facial covering, and wash your hands. It is all that simple, and it will help all of us stay healthy..and allow us to have a ski season in the mountains once again this year.

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