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Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018
Enjoying the winter wonderland that is Killington in the snow.
Riding through a winter wonderland on the Snowdon Quad

Riding through a winter wonderland on the Snowdon Quad

Riding through a winter wonderland on the Snowdon Quad

Riding through a winter wonderland on the Snowdon Quad

Yes... it is still snowing.
Yes... there are plenty of freshies to be found if you look.
Yes... it is supposed to continue to snow tonight.
Yes... Killington is 100% open
Yes... Each ride up a chair lift brings a new adventure
Yes... Most locals will have trouble walking in a straight line by the end of the week.

It is hard to put the turn around in the fortunes of the New England ski industry in perspective. Just 2 weeks ago (13 days to be exact), the snow stake at the inn was displaying green grass with the crocus threatening to sprout. Two feet of snow later, which is a remarkable number when you consider it is real snow on the ground after compression due to settling, the skiing and riding at Killington is as good as it gets.

On March 1st, Killington had a mere 68 trails open for skiing and riding. While skiing was pretty good, for early spring skiing, most of the open trails were deeply scarred by a week of 70 degree weather. With the weather forecasters uncertain about the character of the storms that were due to hit in early March, it was looking a little bleak.

2 weeks after Mother Nature blessed us with feet of snow, the fortunes of the ski industry have changed. While the calendar for the season is waning, and Easter is very early this year, skiers and riders are answering the call of the mountains. The next several weekends should feature some spectacular skiing and riding in the North East, with Killington leading the way on open terrain, snow making, and length of season.

Astute skiers and riders will notice that the first few weeks of April, after Easter, should also be exceptionally good. Easter usually is the unofficial end of the season for the casual skier and rider. Although Killington attempts each year to stay open through May, and attracts a solid late season following, many casual snow sports aficionados move on to their spring and summer sports after Easter. Easter this year is very, very early (April fools day). With all this new snow on the mountain, casual skiers and riders should be able to enjoy the mountains for several more weeks into April, versus giving up the equipment till next season.

Assuming you are coming to Killington the weekend, you should anticipate the whole mountain open for skiing and riding on soft packed powder conditions. People who like the trees will find all their favorites available to enjoy. If you enjoy skiing on groomed trails, you should be out on the mountain early, With feet of soft snow, skier and rider traffic will develop Killington's famous bumps on many trails by the afternoon.

Wherever you may be, enjoy the outside and ---> "Think Snow" <---

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