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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018
Perfect Killington day to ski
Killington Peak bathed in brilliant blue sky from Highlander

Killington Peak bathed in brilliant blue sky from Highlander

Killington Peak bathed in brilliant blue sky from Highlander

Killington Peak bathed in brilliant blue sky from Highlander

100% sunshine, temperatures in the upper 20's to low 40's, and plenty of snow. It was just a perfect day to ski at Killington.

Started the day in the Stash. The entrance was suffering slightly from groomer marks, but the traverse through the park was delightful. Surface underneath was soft packled power. Very pleasant first run.

Bear Mountain in general was skiing well with the upper sections firm and the lower sections starting to beach sand out. Upper Wildfire was a collection of small soft bumps. Nothing special, more like lack of grooming, But they were fun. Bear Claw and Skye Burst were groomed flat. Snow making was taking place at the top of Skye Burst and on the cossover from Skyeburst to Wildfire/Bear Claw. Lower Wildfire was smooth if you picked your line, heavy if you went straight down the middle. Same was true of lower Skye Burst, but since that trail is wider, the line you took was less forgiving.

Needles Eye, Great Eastern, Cruise Control were all a mess due to the combination of snow guns on Great Eastern and the trail closure of Needles Eye for racing. Beginners taking Great Eastern under the guns were struggling. Add advanced skiers into the mix because of the closed trail... you get the picture. It was not pretty. We took the chair to No Where out instead of taking the Gondola to the top of Skye Peak to avoid the carnage.

Superstar and Ovation were skiing great. We did multple laps of Middle Ovation to Lower Superstar. Surface conditions were well groomed with a fairly soft surface devoid of the beach sand and chunks found over on Bear Mountain. Definately a do over.

The North Ridge area was skiing very well. Rime, and Reason are well covered from a season of snow making. Again worth multiple runs.

To go home we took Downdraft to Cascade. Downdraft had not been groomed in a few days and was distinctly firm. No problems setting the skis on edge, as Downdraft was not iced over. However, you could tell it had not been groomed in a while. Lower Cascade was similar to lower Superstar in that it was firm with a soft cover. However, the overall depth of the soft snow on top of the base was significantly less. The run out to the K1 Base Lodge was a piece of cake. Overall a nice finish.

Goggle tans are sprouting up all over town as the last few days have seen plenty of sunshine. Now if we can catch a break with a few more snow storms from Mother Nature, we should have a long spring to to get that tan just right.

We can only hope! No matter where you may be ---> "Think Snow" <---

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